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OIPA is developed within the www.openaid.nl and www.openaidsearch.org platform and enables IATI standard compliant datasets to easily parse and interface that data using the OIPA framework that has been developed using a Django interface. It has been implemented for UN-Habitat at http://open.unhabitat.org and currently being developed for UNESCO.

IATI is a global aid transparency standard and it makes information about aid spending easier to access, re-use and understand the underlying data using a unified open standard. You can find more about IATA standard at:


OIPA is extended to support a variety of global health indicators published by UN-Habitat, The World Bank and other sources of statistics.

OIPA is licensed under the GNU AGPL license.

Check the full documentation and how to use OIPA here: http://www.oipa.nl/

Codebase maintained by team Zimmerman & Zimmerman in Amsterdam.